New Harpy-2 UAV announced at Aero India 2009

New Harpy-2 UAV announced at Aero India 2009

Postby Markus Waibel on 26 Feb 2009, 12:09

The Israel Aerospace Industries or IAI has unveiled its newest lethal UAV, the Harop or Harpy-2, at the Aero India 2009

The Harop is a medium-size, kamikaze-type UAV, intended to circle the sky for up to 6 hours before crashing into its target and detonating a 23kg warhead. Unlike its fully-autonomous predecessor, the Harop is controlled in flight by a remote operator.

In a typical configuration the drone is launched from a canister battery transported by ship or truck, with a three truck battery capable of deploying up to 54 drones for simultaneous, coordinated attack. Among other countries Turkey and India have announced their interest.

Some links for further reading:
Aviation week

Here's another video that shows a launch out of a canister and some tunnel flying among other things - anyone care to translate? ... 167-95.flv
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