Singapore's TechX Challenge

Singapore's TechX Challenge

Postby adam.klaptocz on 26 Sep 2008, 09:41

Following the DARPA Challenges by the US Department of Defense and the Grand Challenge by the UK's Ministry of Defence, now Singapore's Defense Science & Technology Agency DSTA also held a robot challenge. Robots were required to enter a building, find their way around inside, climb a flight of stairs, travel up an elevator and touch a few targets. Finally they had to exit the building, all this without any human intervention, and in less than an hour. Six teams competed over prize money of 1 million Singapore dollars or just under 500'000 Euros in last week-end's finals. Unfortunately the great successes in in the latest US and UK challenges were not matched. The challenge in Singapore was beset by malfunctioning cameras, broken gears and total system failures. The performance was so bad that the DSTA to decide not to name a winner at all - but, as seen after a similar debacle with the first DARPA challenge - things may look dramatically different for next year.

Singapore's TechX Challenge
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