New hand for Honda's ASIMO

New hand for Honda's ASIMO

Postby Markus Waibel on 21 Oct 2009, 15:09

Japanese car manufacturer Honda is developing a new hydraulic robot hand for its humanoid ASIMO. While a previous update already introduced an opposable thumb, ASIMO's current hand is still restricted to 2 degrees of freedom with the four remaining fingers actuated by a single motor. The new hand features five independent motors for each hand and will use hydraulics, which will allow to move the 5 actuating motors away from the fingers. In addition, the new hand will include pressure sensors at the finger tips and double the maximum amount of force to roughly 10 Newtons.

Tx to PlasticPal for reporting on this!

Check out the original article here: ... 15-d6.html
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Re: New hand for Honda's ASIMO

Postby mathew on 11 Nov 2009, 12:42

Thanks for this comments I don't know about Honda's new Achievements..But I know more details about ASIMO so if you have any sites which provide full history so tell me..Any image or video available on you-tube..
Thanks dear...
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