Monkey's brain controls robot arm

Monkey's brain controls robot arm

Postby adam.klaptocz on 29 May 2008, 11:49

Scientists have demonstrated a monkey that is able to control a robotic arm using only it's thoughts, by way of tiny probes inserted into it's brain. More details in this BBC article:
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Re: Monkey's brain controls robot arm

Postby Markus Waibel on 29 May 2008, 12:17

Some vids here:

A group at Stanford reported something quite similar a while back. They also used implanted electrodes to have a monkey control a cursor on a screen:

Nice to see that this is moving fast. I don't like the implantation idea, though. I'm more a fan of uninvasive techniques, such as the SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) known from the movie Strange Days. Anybody knows any research in that direction?
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Re: Monkey's brain controls robot arm

Postby Suzuki on 05 Jun 2008, 20:12

About the brain-machine-interface (BMI), you can learn a lot from this page:

One of the pioneers in this field is definitely Miguel Nicolelis.

His lab's website showing thought-controlled walking machines as well as monkeys controlling robot arm:

He had a position in EPFL as well as in Duke.

As you wanted, non-invasive BMI is also ongoing. For instance, Kawato's group... ... inMachine/
Youtube video of Neurosky product
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Re: Monkey's brain controls robot arm

Postby Bender on 18 Jun 2008, 11:31

Very interesting...are there any commercial applications of the non-invasive stuff yet? I'd love to post to this forum without typing :-)
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