Gostai's telepresence robot "Jazz"

Gostai's telepresence robot "Jazz"

Postby Markus Waibel on 31 Dec 2010, 15:26

French company Gostai, known for their open-source robot operating system "Urbi", has announced a telepresence robot. With their announcement of the Gostai Jazz, they join the ranks of AnyBots, VGo communications, PAL Robotics, RoboDynamics and Willow Garage who offer alternative solutions in this increasingly crowded market space.

Compared to its competitors, Gostai's robot is small, standing only 1m tall, and does not offer a screen that would allow people interacting with the robot to see the face of the remote operator, which makes the robot more similar to WowWee's Rovio or iRobot's' ConnectR. With its price tag of 7'900 euros or roughly 10'400 USD, the robot finds itself at the lower end of the true telepresence robots.
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