iRobot Negotiator

iRobot Negotiator

Postby alee on 08 Aug 2008, 14:45

iRobot just announced a new robot designed for civilian police force uses.

Honestly, when I heard the name all I could think of was the sceen in the Fifth Element where Bruce Willis shoots the bad guy's leader then yells "Anybody else want to negotiate?" A task I don't really see this machine being up to. Although I am impressed with it's ability to climb up stairs, it looks like the 'flippers' on the front of it really help its mobility.
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Re: iRobot Negotiator

Postby nano on 11 Aug 2008, 19:03

Why is this robot called the Negotiator? I don't get it... it doesn't really have any means to communicate (speakers, lights)... Also, the specs say 244m line-of-sight communication range, is this enough for a reasonable applications? I do agree though that it has nice mobility, maybe it's a good starting point?

Here is a perhaps more credible virtual negotiator: ...
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Re: iRobot Negotiator

Postby Markus Waibel on 15 Aug 2008, 08:57

@alee: Thanks for the links - this one has made it into this week's podcast news :)

Following settlement of a lawsuit, iRobot is now selling a new "Negotiator" robot. The "iRobot Negotiator", which is based on a design allegedly stolen from iRobot by a former employee, is similar to the company's "PackBot" military robots. However, it's been stripped down to save costs and instead of weaponry it now only carries a camera. As the name suggests the new robot is intended to be used by law enforcement agencies. At 20'000 dollar a piece, the Negotiator is also much cheaper than the PackBot.

The iRobot Negotiator Robot
iRobot-Negotiator-Robot.jpg (52.21 KiB) Viewed 18898 times

Here's iRobot's press release - with no mention of the lawsuit. Wired Magazine has taken a closer look at the backstory behind the lawsuit - "Robot Thief - Who Stole the Plans for iRobot's Battle Bots?". Very interesting read. :)

Here's a vid of the bot:

You can find some more videos of the Negotiator here:
The technical specs are here: (PDF)
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Re: iRobot Negotiator

Postby jcbrown on 08 Oct 2010, 07:49

First of all, I must say that I had a real nice laugh because I had no idea why the robot was called the negotiator because a negotiator is a word used to describe some of the most diplomatic cunning people of the world. Anyway, despite the odd name, the iRobot kind of looks pretty cool. I do not know what all it can do but guess it must be pretty much able to do what the robot in Rocky IV did! I do hope it has a good battery health though!
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