RED teaching robot rapidly gaining popularity in the UK

RED teaching robot rapidly gaining popularity in the UK

Postby Markus Waibel on 15 Aug 2008, 09:05

The RED teaching robot.
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A new toy robot called RED for Rapid Educational Development is rapidly gaining popularity in schools and nurseries across the UK. The 40cm-high toy can help children as young as three learn to read. Among other things the robot can read stories and quiz children on their ABCs. The University of London's Institute of Education seems quite taken, with the acting head of the institute saying that - when such a robot is well-designed - it can actually be better at teaching than even the best teachers. Manufacturer Headstart is currently holding meetings with the UK's Qualification and Curriculum Authority in an attempt to win the government's backing for the robot.

Check out the RED robot's homepage and a related article in The Guardian for more infos on Red the robot.
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