Singing humanoid heading for the uncanny valley

Singing humanoid heading for the uncanny valley

Postby Markus Waibel on 15 Aug 2008, 09:13

Hanson Robotics' David Hanson, who some of our listeners may remember from an earlier "Talking Robots" interview, has teamed up with David Byrne, a founding member and the principal songwriter of the new wave band "Talking Heads", to create a singing humanoid robot. While most roboticists try to create robots that are either convincingly human or convincingly artificial, Hanson and Byrne have set out to intentionally design a robot that's neither of the two. Their almost, but not quite, human-like robot, singing in Byrne's voice, is intended to help us understand precisely why artifacts at the boundary between robots and humans feel so uncanny.

For more info check out the post on IO9.
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