Xitome to sell MIT's MDS robot "Nexi"

Xitome to sell MIT's MDS robot "Nexi"

Postby Markus Waibel on 29 Jan 2009, 11:14

Xitome Design, an MIT spin-off, is now offering the MDS robot Nexi for sale (see video above). The MDS-type robot, which stands for "mobile, dexterous, social", was developed by the Personal Robots Group at MIT.

The robot has previously attracted a lot of attention for its unique combination of mobility and interaction abilities, and was named one of TIME magazine's "50 best inventions of 2008".

The robot is intended as a research platform and may appeal to universities and research institutes studying human-robot interaction. Xitome has not released a retail price.
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Re: Xitome to sell MIT's MDS robot "Nexi"

Postby jcbrown on 08 Oct 2010, 07:50

The robot kind of looks pretty much the one we all saw on the movie iRobot. I guess that really will bring up the sales as well as the insurance for Xitome but then again the issue of getting past others who are in the same field ad that too in the same country is not as easy as one might expect. However, if they can promise the kind of battery health and performance that others can’t, I guess they might have a hope of coming on top!
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