Introduce yourself...

Re: Introduce yourself...

Postby iiiirt2 on 28 Apr 2010, 07:05


I am Kelly Walfredson.

I'm glad to be part of this forum.

And I love Robots. :D
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Re: Introduce yourself...

Postby anthony on 15 May 2010, 12:41


I did the Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems MSc course at the Universiry of Sussex.

I'm currently working as a software developer (gotta pay the bills!) but my interests are in Developmental and Social Robotics. I've been listening to the Robots podcast since 2006 when it was "Talking Robots" :)

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Re: Introduce yourself...

Postby John Payne on 30 Aug 2010, 19:04

Something I couldn't mention when I first joined here is that I've been working on an iPad app.

It's now in the App Store: ... 40139?mt=8
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