Rapid prototyping of ice sculptures

Rapid prototyping of ice sculptures

Postby adam.klaptocz on 07 May 2010, 10:27

Researchers at McGill University in Quebec in Canada have built a rapid prototyping system to create ice sculptures. They are now investigating casting technologies to produce high-quality metal copies from ice originals. In the future they envision that a similar approach could be used to create models of buildings and, eventually, for constructing the buildings themselves.

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Re: Rapid prototyping of ice sculptures

Postby millenniumice.seo on 11 May 2010, 14:16

Wow it's a great revolution for the ice sculpters artist. Is there any more information about
these prototying system please inform me.
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Re: Rapid prototyping of ice sculptures

Postby lizydude on 15 May 2010, 18:51

It is a nice idea for a hand creation. But I think it is easier to make it with a prototyping machine. To make it perfect, it might really need a plan for prototyping.
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