CMU's Walking Robot "Ranger"

CMU's Walking Robot "Ranger"

Postby Sabine Hauert on 30 Jul 2010, 11:01

The CMY walking robot "Ranger"
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Carnegie Mellon University's walking robot "Ranger" has set a new world record for distance walking. In a bit over 11 hours, Ranger walked 23km (or 14.3 miles) to beat the former world record of 20.6km (or 12.8 miles) set by Boston Dynamics' BigDog. Unlike the BigDog, the Ranger uses two pairs of swinging legs that do not have knees but actuated feet to finish its step.

The design allows the robot to use gravity and momentum to help swing its legs forward, which allows to optimize energy efficiency while walking. The researchers hope that insights gained from the dynamic walker can be applied to rehabilitation, prosthetics, and for improving our understanding of athletic performance.

More infos here:
Video link (.mov)
Press Release
Science Daily
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