CMU's Snakebot climbs trees!

CMU's Snakebot climbs trees!

Postby Markus Waibel on 10 Sep 2010, 12:52

[url]Carnegie Mellon University's Biorobotics Lab[/url] has demonstrated how its Snakebot can climb a tree and look around.

As pointed out by Howie Choset in his interview with the Robots Podcast last October, snake robots offer unsurpassed potential for slithering, sliding, squeezing or climbing into places that people, and other types of robots can’t reach due to their many degrees of freedom.

A video shows the robot approaching the tree in rough terrain, slinging its body around it, then using rotating modules to climb up the trunk and finally taking up a perching position that allows it to move its head to observe the surroundings. The researchers are now working on climbing tree trunks with different widths and to navigate over branches.

For more videos of the Snakebot climbing pipe and poles as well as swimming, check out the Biorobotics lab's video page.

There's also a nice overview video:

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