Universal robotic gripper by SRI (yes, another one!)

Universal robotic gripper by SRI (yes, another one!)

Postby Markus Waibel on 05 Nov 2010, 10:30

Also this week, news have emerged on an electroadhesive robotic gripper developed by a group of researchers from the nonprofit scientific research institute SRI. Electroadhesion uses small, high-voltage electrodes to induce an opposite, and hence attractive charge in an object surface.

As shown previously by the SRI, it is powerful and power-efficient: A square meter of electroadhesive could hold at least 200kg (440 lbs) while only consuming 40 milli-Watts. In its new work, the SRI has integrated this principle into general-purpose, highly-compliant electroadhesive pads.

A series of photos shows how the pads can be used to also pick up a wide variety of objects, from a soda can to a bag of chips or a banana. Check them out here: http://www.hizook.com/blog/2010/10/28/e ... ernational
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