Reinforcement Learning and Concept of Dencetralization

Reinforcement Learning and Concept of Dencetralization

Postby sanjeevsharma on 17 Nov 2010, 13:48

Hi everyone,
I am not sure whether this is the place to put this kind of stuff.

I would like to share a link with you. I am the Co-Founder of a website

Here I deliver lectures in Machine Learning, Convex Interpretation of Machine Learning algorithms, Reinforcement Learning and Kernel Methods in reinforcement learning, Path Planning and Convex Optimization.

Here is an online course for Advanced reinforcement learning -
ARL-10/11 :
Here I try to mix decentralization (primal & dual decomposition) and convex optimization in reinforcement learning and trying to produce applications in robotics and navigation.

Anyone can access the lectures (video), presentations (pdf) and Matlab code (for complex algorithms) for every lecture in ARL-10/11.

For a sample, I have included this link - Kernel Perceptron Learning - ... n-Learning and here's the link for all lectures I have delivered - ... eslec.html
I think that this can be useful for someone.

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