Baseball playing bots

Baseball playing bots

Postby Markus Waibel on 31 Jul 2009, 08:14

Researchers at the university of Tokyo, Japan, have created two baseball playing robots.

The pitching robot can lob a baseball at 40 Kph, hitting the strike zone 90% of the time. A baseball batting robot then uses high speed vision system developed by the same researches to track and hit the ball. The two robots are part of a research project on sensor fusion, which aims at integrating information from multiple sensors using hierarchical and decentralized architectures. In the current setup the robot batter has a near-perfect batting average because its 1000-frame-per-second camera eyes allow it to see the ball in super slow motion as it approaches.

The researchers are now working on improvements to the pitcher that will allow it to achieve ball speeds of 150 Kph to level the field.

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