Order your own robot Doppelgaenger today!

Order your own robot Doppelgaenger today!

Postby Markus Waibel on 13 Feb 2009, 01:28

Robot Twin
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A Japanese company called Little Island will manufacture your own custom-made robotic twin. The robot is produced based on a picture you send in.

What you get for your money is a 40cm tall robot doll in your image, which can connect to the Internet and recite your favorite RSS feeds. The doll also reacts to simple voice commands. However, at 1700 euros or 2200 US dollars it's at the very pricey end for a gadget or toy for your kids.

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Re: Order your own robot Doppelgaenger today!

Postby Johnny 5 on 18 Feb 2009, 13:29

a robotic doppelgaenger ... now if that doesn't remind me of something! :oops: Of course they are not all evil...
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