The Dustbot

The Dustbot

Postby Markus Waibel on 05 Jun 2009, 08:29

A group of nine European research institutions has unveiled the world's first robot that comes to your house to pick up the garbage.

The Dustbot is the size of your average urban trash bin and moves on a segway-like, two wheeled base. According to its developers the Dustbot can be summoned to your address through a mobile phone any time of the day, using a GPS system to find the way. A press of a button opens its large belly for your trash, which is then taken away to a garbage collection center. The robot is designed to work in tightly packed urban areas inaccessible to large garbage trucks.

According to the news release, a number of local authorities from around the world have already expressed an interest in the new robot.


Check out some pictures here:

The Dustbot
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Not the most common sight ... yet!
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The Dustbot series
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