Boston Dynamic's Precision Urban Hopper

Boston Dynamic's Precision Urban Hopper

Postby Markus Waibel on 25 Sep 2009, 08:21

US company Boston Dynamics, which you may know for its impressively stable walking "Big Dog" robot, has released a small, four wheeled jumping robot. For the most part the Precision Urban Hopper slightly resembles and very much moves like a remote controlled car. However, its uniqueness is revealed when it reaches an obtacles such as a wall or a fence on its way.

Using a piston-actuated leg at its center, the robot can launch itself high into the air, clearing obstacles of up to 7.5m or 25ft in height to continue its route. The Precision Urban Hopper, funded by US research agency DARPA, is expected to enlisted sometime in late 2010 and will primarily boost troops' reconnaisance capabilities.

Check out the BBC coverage for more infos.
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