Ishiguro's female android

Ishiguro's female android

Postby Markus Waibel on 09 Apr 2010, 09:14

Uncanny valley anyone?

Some of you may remember Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro who has built his own robotic doppelgaenger from an earlier interview with the Robots podcast.

Ishiguro has now just unveiled his latest creation, a sexy female android called Geminoid F. Similar to Ishiguro's earlier creations, Geminoid F looks ultra-realistic, and is remote controlled to produce a wide repertoire of expressions. At the press conference, the robot was also shown mimicking the facial expressions of a woman sitting in front of a video camera. Geminoid F is also remarkable for numerous technical improvements over Ishiguro's earlier robots. For example, it requires less than a quarter of the actuators of previous models and incorporates all of its air servo valves and their control systems into the robot's body.

One of the most important improvements, however, concerns the Geminoid's look, in particular her smile: Ishiguro's team worked hard to give the robot a convincing, "toothy smile". Have a look at one of the videos and judge for yourself.

Great article on this at IEEE Automaton.
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