Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System ARSS

Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System ARSS

Postby Markus Waibel on 24 Apr 2009, 08:06

The US army in cooperation with Utah State University has developed an Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System.

It consists of an unmanned helicopter and a remotely operated sniper rifle which can fire one sniper shot every 6 seconds. The project’s heads say the airborne robo-sniper idea was put forward five years ago, but only became practical when Utah State University’s Space Dynamics Laboratory designed a lightweight, stabilized turret.

According to the laboratory's website, "A key element of the program is the use of commercial off–the–shelf components to reduce cost and the time needed for development. The operator’s station is similar to a video game." A modified Xbox 360 gaming controller is used for aiming, arming, and firing.

"One shot, one kill, zero pilot" - Popular Mechanics
2005 solicitation notice
Utah SDL Lab homepage, Program Manager: Burt Lamborn,

Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System, a new unmanned helicopter
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