Festos 2009 developments - robotic penguins, arms, walls

Festos 2009 developments - robotic penguins, arms, walls

Postby R2-D2 on 07 May 2009, 18:14

I like the flying and swimming penguins. The concept of cubes and walls I have seen before, but Festos' developments look always so nice and complete. They simply know how to sell stuff. The packaging is impressive, it never looks like a lab prototype of an university. Too bad that this stuff is always so expensive and is never commercialized...
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Re: Festos 2009 developments - robotic penguins, arms, walls

Postby Markus Waibel on 08 May 2009, 08:17

Awesome, and that's why it's in the news:

Germany's automation technology giant Festo has built a group of robot penguins. The robots try to replicate the body shape and fin movements of one of nature's most efficient swimmers and can autonomously navigate using 3D sonar.

Like previous bio-inspired projects, such as robotic manta rays and robotic jelly fish, the robots serve as both a model and testbed for new bio-inspired technologies. Festo's goal is to use bio-inspiration to develop innovative solutions to automation tasks.

One such innovation, a tripod gripper far transcending operating range of conventional grippers, was demonstrated along with the robot penguins.

Thanks R2D2!

And here's some more info:
IEEE Automaton
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