Robots sing an eery Happy Birthday

Robots sing an eery Happy Birthday

Postby Markus Waibel on 03 Jul 2009, 08:30

To mark the London Science Museum's 100th birthday, researchers from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research at the University of Plymouth have programmed two robots to sing "Happy Birthday".

The robots can learn new music by listening to humans or to each other and by associating sounds heard with those produced by themselves and others. Two robots put together start singing randomly, but soon start to repeat only parts of their own song that are similar to those produced by their partner. Given enough time the two robots begin to duet.

Read more at the New Scientist.
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Re: Robots sing an eery Happy Birthday

Postby susanspy on 29 Jul 2009, 12:36

hello all,

i am susan here, it is really cool video please post more of the same i tried the link at bottom aned it is amazing as well.

thanks alot

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