iRobot acquires Nekton; 2 new Roombas; Rod Brooks leaving

iRobot acquires Nekton; 2 new Roombas; Rod Brooks leaving

Postby Markus Waibel on 12 Sep 2008, 08:44

Massachusetts based company iRobot, which you may remember from our previous news reports on their iRobot Negotiator and their Seaglider underwater robots, has grabbed the headlines - again and this time three times in rapid succession:
First because of it's announcement to acquire Nekton Research, a company based in North Carolina, specialized in unmanned underwater robots. The acquisition further boosts iRobot's recent strategic move towards underwater robotics - check out the iRobot press release.
Second because of it's announcement of 2 new models in it's Roomba vacuum cleaner robot series, with one new robot aimed at pet owners' special needs in cleaning hairy floors, and the other aimed at small business owners that may require to clean larger areas.
Finally, third, and most importantly, iRobot hit the headlines because iRobot co-founder and CTO Rodney Brooks has decided to leave the company. Brooks will remain on the board of directors and will spearhead a new technical advisory board. However, he will move on to a different challenge - Heartland Robotics.
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