July 29th, 2011

Robots: Our favorite Robots

The ROBOTS team has grown steadily over the years, filling its ranks with robot enthusiasts from Switzerland, USA, Greece, UK, Brazil and Japan. We take care of everything, from digging out the latest news, to interviewing main actors in robotics, animating the episodes, maintaining the website, and mixing the podcasts. We’re students, roboticists, hobbyists, musicians and journalists.

In today’s summer episode we decided it was time to share our two cents about 1) why we love robotics and 2) what robots spark our enthusiasm. We’d love to hear your opinion too so please let us know how you feel about these two questions in the comments section below.


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  • Michael Waite

    Dear Robotspodcast team. I have long appreciated your podcasts throughout ‘talking robots’ and now. I always look forward to the download. Long may it continue. I most appreciate your talks with real roboticists (Willow-garage – great!) that produce autonomous machines and I also appreciate topics on components (Coffee grain gripper, Kinect). I like an occasional focus on advances in a particular technique and AI. Maybe an occasional dip into hobby (affordable) robots applications. Please don’t stop. 
    But I believe I have uncovered one of your longevity secrets! Do you actually use chatbots to conduct your interviews?

  • Sabine Hauert

    Thanks for the feedback, and support! We’re not chatbots, we’re unicorns ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/marioaviacion Mario García

    Cordially greetings.

    With the encouragement of knowledge sharing and integrating the various groups of robotics we make the continent’s invitation to follow us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/GrupoMaslerRobotics, we are working on our official website and our grupomasler.webs.com blog so we can keep abreast of related skills and in addition to support i / o collaboration when participating in events held in different places or unknown members of the robotics group.

    Thank you.

    Masler Robotics Group “Together we will change the world”

    Carlos Mario Ospina Garcia
    Co-founder and current director
    carlosospino.masler @ gmail.com