April 19th, 2014

Robots: Schunk Manipulators

In this episode Per Sjoborg speaks with Henrik Schunk about his company’s work in gripping technology, modular robotics and dexterous manipulation. They then look at service robotics, which was the subject of this year’s SCHUNK Expert Days in Hausen, Germany.

Henrik A. Schunk
HenrikAfter his studies at the Technical Universities in Kaiserslautern and Dresden, Henrik A. Schunk joined the company SCHUNK GmbH & Co. As Managing Partner since 2001, he was initially responsible for the German Sales area, and then became the Head of the Business Developments worldwide.

Today, he is responsible in the management for the business area gripping systems, auto-mated solutions, and mobile gripping systems. Since July 2010, he is also the chairman of the European Robotics Association EUnited Robotics.


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  • Coupon

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  • Betty Ro

    Don’t think too much,it’s not that terrible.