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April 2nd, 2016

Robots: Hadrian Bricklaying Robot

In this episode, Ron Vanderkley speaks with Mark Pivoc from FastBrick about Hadrian the bricklaying robot. Fastbrick is an Australian robotics firm aiming to disrupt the local bricklaying market with a machine it says will be able to build a four-bedroom house in two days, without any human interaction.

A builder or architect will supply a 3D model, which is then converted into machine code that uses proprietary software to calculate the location of every brick in the building. Laser-scanning technology surveys the foundation once a concrete slab has been laid, and then loads and lays bricks using a 28m articulated telescopic boom. Adhesive is pumped and applied to the brick via the robotic laying head, and a laser alignment system ensures an laying accuracy of within half a millimetre.


Mark Pivac

Mark Pivac is the primary inventor of Fastbrick’s automated bricklaying technology. He is an aeronautical and mechanical engineer with over 25 years’ experience working on the development of high technology equipment ranging from lightweight aircraft to heavy off road equipment. Mark has 20 years’ experience of pro/engineer 3D CAD Software. He also has high level mathematical experience including matrix mathematics, robot transformations and vector mathematics for machine motion. In addition, he has extensive design, commissioning and fault finding experience on servo controlled motion systems achieving very high dynamic performance.


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