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May 29th, 2015

Robots: RoboBusiness Company Showcase - Transcript


In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to several robotics companies at the company showcase at RoboBusiness 2014, which took place in Boston, Massachusetts.

The following is an ordered list of the people interviewed.

  1. Norm Domholt (1m 40s), CEO of NPC Robotics,  talks about their modular remote operate vehicle Black Dog.
  2. Annemarie Laudanski (6m 20s), Lead Field Applications Engineer at Xsens, demos their inertial motion capture system.
  3. Carl Vause (9m 14s), CEO of Soft Robotics, speaks about the capability of the soft robotic manipulators, which can be used to pick fruit, among other applications.
  4. Konrad Fagertun (13m 56s), COO of NLinks, tells about their new robot which drills holes in ceilings – a laborious and difficult task for humans.
  5. Asim Ikram (15m 51s), CEO of Neo Robotics, discusses the market for robots in the Gulf Cooperation Council region.
  6. Harri Valpola(21m 40s), Head of Technology at Zen Robotics, talks about the companies waste sorting robotic system.
  7. Dick Zhang (26m 15s), CEO of Identified Technology, speaks about their self-piloting aerial drone systems for automated energy, mining, and construction site monitoring, surveying, and mapping.


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